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The Field Conference of Pennsylvania Geologists offers three full sponsorships that include registration and lodging to eligible students, though you may be asked to share a room. Interested parties should contact Ted Tessler, FCOPG Chair, with the following information:

  • Student name

  • School name and academic year

  • Letter of recommendation from a professor

  • Letter of interest explaining why they want to pursue geology

The Bernice Pasquini Sponsorship
Bernice Pasquini
(April 6, 1962 - December 18, 2009)

Bernice was an enthusiastic attendee of the FCOPG for many years. She received her bachelor’s degree in Geology from LaSalle College and had a successful 22-year career at the EPA. She began as a site assessment manager and later worked as a hydrogeologist in the Superfund Technical Support Section. She was a highly-valued technical resource in the Superfund program evaluating soil and groundwater contaminant fate and transport. Her personality was as remarkable as her technical abilities. When interacting with people she was like sunshine! Her smile was warm, her face bright and open, her attitude always positive; she could even complain with a smile. She would remember little details about you- whether a friend or someone she saw once a year at a conference. Bernice had an uncanny ability to empathize with everyone, especially if you needed an ear or a caring heart. She was patient, non-judgmental, and made time for everyone. She loved to share time with friends, stayed in touch with neighbors who had moved years ago, or people who had left work years before. She had a hard time saying no to any request, as she genuinely wanted to help all who needed it. We hope this scholarship can pass on Bernice’s willingness to help others, especially the possibility of mentoring opportunities from EPA staff who were close to Bernice.

The Veronica Reynolds Sponsorship
Veronica A. Reynolds
(1969 - 2008)

My best friend, Veronica Reynolds, passed away in December 2008 due to pancreatic cancer. She was 39 years old. We met at Allegheny College (Meadville, PA) in August 1987, and we lived next door to one another in the same dormitory during freshman year. Veronica and I became fast friends, and were roommates for the remaining three years of our time at Allegheny, she a chemistry major and me a geology/environmental science double major. In fact, I credit much of my current appreciation of, and interest in, chemistry to Veronica. Although we graduated in 1991 and went our separate ways, we kept in touch over the years. Veronica earned an M.S. in organic chemistry from the University of Minnesota, then moved back to her home state of New York to work as an earth science teacher. After the 9/11 attacks on our country, Veronica was hired as a criminalist with the New York Police Department, testing anthrax samples in the NYPD laboratories in Jamaica, NY. Looking for a change, Veronica relocated to Reno, Nevada, a few years later, where she accepted a position as a criminalist, conducting laboratory work on blood alcohol samples and providing expert witness testimony in DUI cases. I visited Veronica in May 2008 to celebrate her birthday, and we not only saw the local sites in Reno but also took a day trip to Lake Tahoe (see photo). Little did either of us know that this would be the last time we saw each other; Veronica passed away seven months later. In loving memory of my best friend, I have established an annual FCOPG student scholarship. What better way to honor Veronica’s memory than to sponsor a deserving college student’s attendance at this annual event. Kristin M. Carter, P.G. Chief, Petroleum and Subsurface Geology Section Pennsylvania Geological Survey

Harrisburg Area Geological Society (HAGS) Sponsorship
Harrisburg Area Geological Society

The Harrisburg Area Geological Society (HAGS) is a vibrant organization dedicated to advancing geologic knowledge and fostering fellowship among individuals interested in the Earth sciences. Through engaging monthly meetings, we explore captivating geologic topics, covering tectonics, mineralogy, sedimentology, paleontology, geophysics, geochemistry, and more. Our inclusive community welcomes all geology enthusiasts, offering a platform to connect, expand understanding, and appreciate our remarkable planet. In line with our mission, HAGS proudly provides a full sponsorship to a student attending the field conference, furthering our commitment to education and exploration.

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