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87th Annual Field Conference of Pennsylvania Geologists

October 3-5 2024 | Gettysburg, PA


The Field Conference of Pennsylvania Geologists is an annual conference for industry, government, academic, and student geologists working and studying in Pennsylvania. For over 90 years geologists have attended the conference at locations throughout Pennsylvania.

We're glad you're here at the new Field Conference of Pennsylvania Geologists website! This new design will allows us to better communicate event information, improve accessibility to our resources, and better serve Pennsylvania's geologic community; this is a work in progress, please be patient as we restore and add content to our website.

Please continue reading to learn about the new website as things have moved around a bit since you've last been here.

The Conference page has details about registration, pre-conference trips, and accommodations.

Visit the Guidebook page to find our collection from which you can download current and former field conference guidebooks. We welcome guidebook contributions from everyone! Visit the Publishing Guidelines page if you would like to contribute an article to the guidebook.


New to the field conference website are web maps! Use the Conference Web Map page to access an interactive map of the planned stops and pre-conference trips. Use the FCOPG Historic Stops and Guidebooks Web Map to explore and download content for 700 field conference stops!

Student participation at the conference is encouraged - student registration is half off! Three student sponsorships that include registration and lodging are available. Visit the Students page to learn more about student registration and applying for student sponsorships.

Lastly, visit the Officers page to see who's organizing the conference.

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