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Continuing Education Credits
Professional Development Hours

HB 975 (Act 25) clarified the process for obtaining the continuing education credits necessary for PG licensure renewal in Pennsylvania. Specifically, Act 25 eliminated the need for pre-approval of continuing education (CE) courses. The law requires each licensee to obtain twenty – four Professional Development Hour (PDH) units during a biennial renewal period. The courses must meet the continuing education standard which states that the “course, workshop, conference, seminar, video course, college course or lecture, etc. maintains, improves or expands the skills, knowledge of a licensee’s professional practice”. The Field Conference of Pennsylvania Geologists meets the criteria identified by the standard. The Field Conference of Pennsylvania Geologists will not be offering a specific amount of PDH for the 2011 Field Conference.

The special notice regarding Act 25 can be accessed by Clicking here.

Although the board is not presently requiring course pre-approval it does maintain the final authority on course and PDH approval. The FCOPG maintains annual registration records and agendas of the day’s activities, but not specific attendance records. The FCOPG will issue certificates of attendance, but it is up to individual participants to determine the amount of PDH they wish to claim and defend, if audited. To qualify the PDH credit, each professional is required to keep a detailed log of activities used for earning credits.

Click here to download a suggested log for tracking P.G. training hours and credits earned. Note: this is only a suggested method of tracking and is not in any way endorsed by the board.

Continuing Education credits are available for most Field Conference activities. You will receive a certificate of attendance for the trip and any pre-conference trips you attend. We will indicate the number of hours spent at each stop. The evening speaker would count as additional time. Time you spent talking geology on the bus and after-hours is also countable. It is up to you to tally the number of hours you wish to claim. It will be up to you to defend those hours if the credentialing board should audit you. We will confirm you did attend the Field Conference, but cannot indicate the number of hours. For example, during the 2012 Field Conference, a total of 5 PDH hours were available per day for the stops alone.

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