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Support the scientific and educational activities of The Field Conference of Pennsylvania Geologists by becoming a sponsor! 

  1. Click here to view sponsorship form

  2. Please print out this sponsorship form and fill out information to mail with check or scan and email with electronic payment.

  3. Please make checks payable to: Field Conference of PA Geologists Check #_________  Amount $___________

  4. To pay by credit card please pay on our website and press the donate button or call Connie Cross during business hours at 717-702-2054.

  5. Mail Sponsorship form to FCOPG c/o Connie Cross at 3240 Schoolhouse Rd, Middletown, PA 17057 or email form FCOPG c/o Connie Cross at

  6. Email logo to, if you have any questions call Kristen Hand at 717-702-2046.

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