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At the second meeting, hosted by Lehigh University, bylaws were adopted which included the appointment of a permanent Secretary-Treasurer “who must be a member of the Pennsylvania Geological Survey” so as to provide continuity of scheduling, and maintaining records and finances. These bylaws continued in force until 1978 when the Conference incorporated as a Pennsylvania domestic non-profit corporation. The new corporate bylaws created an Executive Committee composed of a Chairman, a Secretary-Treasurer, and the Local Committee Chairman; the first two officers must be members of the Pennsylvania Geological Survey, again to provide continuity.

Dr. Bradford Willard was the first officer and continued as Secretary-Treasurer until 1935. Dr. Lawrence Whitcomb was the Conference officer in 1936 for the sixth annual meeting, conducted by Lehigh University geologists. The sixth conference is significant as the only combined conference held with the New York State Geological Association. Dr. Arthur B. Cleaves assumed the permanent office during 1937 and 1938 and was then replaced by longtime Pennsylvania Geological Survey member Marchant N. Shaffner, who remained in this office for nearly two decades. He was followed by Alan Geyer and Donald Hoskins, who became Secretary-Treasurer in 1967. Upon incorporation in 1978, Arthur Socolow was elected Chairman at the annual meeting of the Conference. In 1986 William D. Sevon was elected Chairman when Socolow retired from the Pennsylvania Geological Survey. In 1997, Donald Hoskins ended his tenure as Secretary-Treasurer to become Chairman. Gary M. Fleeger succeeded him as the first new Secretary-Treasurer in 30 years. At Donald Hoskins’ announced retirement in 2000, William Kochanov was elected to complete Hoskins’ term as Chairman.

In 2004, the by-laws were amended to increase the number of officers to four current or retired members of the Pennsylvania Geological Survey- Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer. The term of office was reduced to two years. The intent is that each officer will serve in each position for two years, for a total term of service of eight years. The officers elected in 2004 were William Kochanov (Chairman), John Harper (Vice Chairman), Gary Fleeger (Secretary), and Lynn Goodling (Treasurer).

In 2006, John Harper became Chairman, Jaime Kostelnik, Vice Chairman, William Bragonier, Secretary, and Lynn Goodling remained the Treasurer.

2008’s officers are George Love (Chairman), Tom Whitfield (Vice Chairman), Jaime Kostelnik (Secretary), and Lynn Goodling (Treasurer).

In 2010, Tom Whitfield became Chairman, Katie Schmid, Vice Chairman, and Connie Cross, Treasurer. Upon the resignation of Jaime Kostelnik in 2011, Rose-Anna Behr was elected Secretary.

In 2012. Katie Schmid became Chair, Kristen Hand became Vice Chair, Rose-Anna Behr remained Secretary, and Connie Cross remained Treasurer.

In 2015, Katie Schmid, Chair; Kristen Hand, Vice Chair; Connie Cross, Treasurer; Steve Shank was elected Secretary.

In 2015, Kristen Hand became Chair; Victoria Neboga became Vice Chair; Connie Cross remained Treasurer; Steve Shank remained Secretary.

In 2019, Craig Ebersole became Secretary upon the resignation of Steve Shank; Kristen Hand and Victoria Neboga remained Chair and Vice Chair, respectively.

In 2021, Ellen Fehrs and Steve Shank graciously assumed temporary responsibility of the Secretary's duties.

In 2022 the officer structure of the field conference saw some changes. Two new officer positions were created - Technology Officer and Logistics Coordinator - and were filled by Craig Ebersole and Emily Parkovic, respectively. Jody Smale became the new Secretary.

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